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Pierre Haddad

We have been a client of i-Ads for almost three years now during this time not only have we seen an increase in our business but an increase in phone calls and an overall awareness on our business. Online optimization is so important to any business these days and I would always recommend i-Ads to anyone I come in contact with their customer service and expertise in their field of work is of the highest standard I have come across so far.

Julie Mansour Pierre Haddad

Starting a new business, I opted to try search engine marketing. Not only did i-Ads make it simple to setup and get me going, the amount of calls has been great. I now employ 6 people and through i-Ads, have enough work to keep them going for a long while. Big thanks to the team and for your services.

Paul Mercy
Street Fresh

As a digital agency it's so important for us to deliver the quality we promise to our clients. We are a company who genuinely cares about the success of our customers. Working with AiiMS has been a breathe of fresh air. It's great to have an online marketing partner who delivers the same level of quality, the same genuine care and most of all the experience and out of the box thinking which has made AiiMS such a success. We look forward to delivering many more successful online marketing solutions with the industry leader in online marketing.

Mireille Salloum Street Fresh Digital Media